Islamic Accounts - Terms & Conditions

AAAFx International now offers the possibility to open an Islamic account with zero swaps for religious reasons.

  • Anyone of Islamic faith can apply for a no swap account. Please note that a regular (non-Islamic) account cannot be held at the same time with AAAFx. Moreover, please note that you may not apply for islamic account if you select MT4 only as your account type.
  • Just click open account, and mention that you want an Islamic account setup. AAAFx International, unlike other brokerage firms, does not charge any kind of fee in order to replace swap fees.
  • Your account will not be debited or credited any fees.

Pre-requisites for establishing an AAAFx International Islamic Account:

  • If you already have a regular account at AAAFx International and you would like to make it Islamic, please send your request by email to
  • Users cannot hold an Islamic and a non-Islamic account at the same time. Both accounts must be of the same type.
  • Users from non-traditional Islamic countries must be able to provide official documentation confirming Islamic faith if requested.
  • Islamic type of accounts is supported only for regular Forex accounts, not MT4 only accounts.

Islamic (swap-free) accounts are subject to fair usage policy. AAAFx International reserves the right to revoke the agreement of swap-free accounts and charge the User retrospectively for any interest he/she owns to AAAFx International if it is detected that the User is misusing this type of account to gain unlawful profit (e.g. carry trades). AAAFx International will continue to monitor the User's trading style to ensure that there is no abuse of this type of account.